Chronicles of Esteparon

Journals of Rend- Finally some fresh air

Towards the forgotten home exit.

We are in pursuit of Rgulbux and the lady drow. Ozzdain’s staff is needed but he can do without it. We move up the stairs, after a couple of corners there is a set of double doors. Chanting can be heard coming from the other side. We have split up into two teams, A&BTeam A leads, B following 30’ behind. Scales leads A, and I lead B. A team finds a staircase leading up. Near the staircase more chanting can be heard. Further ahead another set of stairs goes down. We decide after mapping the area to go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is another great archway, beyond that a great hall. We are on a balcony that extents around the room, 20’ high down in the large room many different humanoid creatures can be seen. Crows, rats, monkeys, fox, cats. They are all chanting, worshipping something. Two drow enter the room from the right and approach the end of the room where a great black dragon awaits. He appears adolescent, he speaks with the two drow approaching. “Did you find him” it asks. We come back down the stairs, we decide to go down further. We find another tunnel that crosses underneath the large room. Which takes us to the other side of the room. Each side seems to be identically built. Now we must decide, do we fight, which was my choice, or do we sneak out?
We decide to try and sneak out, but there is always a catch. Catalina creates another false wall and we are hidden from view of the dragon. We move towards the exit. Catalina thinks there is something in here with us. Nothing reveals itself we slowly move forward. We make it outside and Catalina secretly sends a message to the others still inside. Baelmar and Ozzdain move outside then the door slams shut. Something is outside. Catalina unlocks the door and i burst through to see what’s going on. I see ozzdain on the ground prone and a half orc standing in the corner, It’s Rgulbux!! I attempt to attack him but trip on the threshold. Seriously hindering my next attack. The characters begin to surround him, meanwhile two trolls come out of the alcoves and knock dundrin down. Hopefully the dragon don’t hear us. I run to assist Ozzdain, getting him away from the danger is priority at this point. Others still continue to attack Rgulbux. Catalina convinces the trolls that more dangerous enemies are coming from behind. The stupid trolls fall for it. I pull the crossbow bolt from Ozzdain’s back and splash my watersheath on him attempting to wake him. The others continue to attack Rgulbux. Usil and Evadon move towards the exit we are fighting at, the two trolls are waiting on either side. Usil and Evadon pretend Usil is injured and Evadon carries him out disquised as a drow. They pass the trolls. After they exit I approach the trolls to congratulate them on their good duties then find my way out the door.

Rend is not happy with the leaving of the dragon. He would have loved to battle him. But the party chose the latter. Gorum is dissapointed in me I’m sure.

Side note: Catalina is not to be trusted, she is willing to sacrifice me to benefit the party. “No Catalina, you will not determine my destiny, it is mine to decide. None has fury like a troll scourned. Remember the only person allowed to instruct me is the alchemist. And i don’t believe anyone will be instructing her either.”

I say we move to the Alchemist wagon, then return Ozzdain to his home. Hit the town to resupply. Then head towards the headwaters or the keep.



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