Chronicles of Esteparon

Journals of Rend - For all the marbles

The battle rages on, Ozzdain rises from the mist with his staff. He begins using magic missle on the demon frog. My claws cannot do much damage to this demon so I move to where Balemar and Zahra are entwined in battle with multiple drow. Ozz finishes the demon. Meanwhile, Catalina has disquised herself as Zun and has taken a position on the steps of the tower acting as Zun. She tells the drow standing with her to attack the real Zun, convincing him she is trying to escape, accusing her of being the shapeshifter. He has no reason to disbelieve Catalina so he begins to fire. Zun barely makes it to the edge of the forest and escapes with her life. Meanwhile, as i approach Balemar and Zahra a troll sees me and charges towards me. I give him a swipe with my claws vorpaling his head off. The trolls head goes flying and hits Zahra causing damage to her. Then i step forward to another drow that was weakened by Balemar and Zahra and finish him off. After we clear the field of enemies the drow withdrawl their attack on Avendale leaving it destroyed and burning. We enter Ozz’s tower. He informs us that he must stay and make a new spellbook. When its finished he will catch up to us with his apprentice. Avenius informs us the town is badly destroyed and Bruti has been killed. We sleep for the night before moving to the necropolis. When we arrive there is no tower here, oddly most cities have hazard towers. But this one does not. Scales begins to get a sick feeling in his gut. Fear i assume. We move into the ancient city. Inside earth elementals are patrolling the halls. We enter a room where many statues of earth elementals line the walls. We tredge deeper into the necropolis. Suddenly scales sees what appears to be a iron golem charging in the distance. He climbs between my legs and hides behind the group. Quickly we concuct an idea, behind us 50’ or so we saw a pool of water. We would lure the golem to the water, if he fell in he would just sink. The first part worked pretty well. Zahra had lined the floor with marbles to assist the golem in falling forward into the water. Suddenly the marbles started rolling down with the slope of the room. The golem just misses Balemar just in front of the pool and strikes the wall causing stone dust to fill his eyes. Temporarily blinding him. That’s when i charge him to knock him into the water. My strength alone is not enough to push the mighty golem. So Balemar and Usil assist. Their combined strength knocks the golem in. But he grabs my arm and i fall in with him. We sink fast, but i am able to break free after a few tugs. I grab Balemars rope and am pulled out by the group. We continue on…



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