Chronicles of Esteparon

Journals of Rend- Mapping the Forgotten home

We traveled for many more miles.We have reached the forgotten home. A great archway meets us, constructed many years ago. We decide to formulate a plan. Zahra and Catalina dusquise themselves as drow and pretend to have me and the dwarf as prisoners. Then we will approach the door. The plan works, we are able to enter and find a strange circle etched into the metal floor. Catalina casts a detect magic spell and the circle begins to glow. Zahra can see the words on the circle are dwarven. She roughly brings up the dwarf and asks him “what is this” We find a hole in the wall near the archway. With a dagger in her mouth Zahra climbs through. This is turning into another mistake I’m afraid. Suddenly scales says the words that activate the circle like a schoolboy figuring out a difficult problem in school. “Fire” and bursts of flames engulfs the party, some are able to duck out of the way, i unfortunately do not and am on fire. Luckily Usul douses me with a waterskin and puts me out.Something large begins to scurry around us. Its a drider attempting to trap us in his web. Burning hands keeps Balemar from danger. After many missing with arrows i pull out my grappling hook and throw it at the drider pulling the drider down from the wall. Then a burst of electricity knocks me down. I am hurt and fall unconsious. I awaken after being out of it for a minute. I rush over in behind beomar. Catalina is covering the windows above the archway with her crossbow. Beomar attacks the drider giving it a wound. I burst over and destroy it with my claws and rend it. I search the drider and find a composite crossbow which i gift to Beomar, and a masterwork mace which i strap to my back. Everyone begins to enter the stronghold through the archway. Zahra sees a shadowy figure and backs off. Two drow then approach from the eastern hallway and attack. I peek my head through the bashed hole and try to get their attention, they dont take the bait. I can hear clanging and bashing inside the room, the others are entwined into combat with the two drow. After taking them out the group coaxes me to move up toward the next room where this strange winged beast is. I carry a drow body up and throw it towards the beast as if im feeding it the drow body. Instead it charges me and shrieks something in demonic i didn’t understand. Scales runs out in front of me to stop the charge. Dundrin comes charging as well. Catalina holds and Beomar moves up into position. I am then able to move out of the way from a direct charge. Instead a large burst of flames comes out of his mouth engulfing us. In the middle of battle i am mezmerized by a stone sitting in a pool of liquid. When i touched the fluid to test it i found out it burns so i stay away from it. The creature begins to realize that he is outnumbered and attempts to flee. But dundrin can move right with him. There is no escape. He buckles to his knees and dies. I go arm deep into the waterhole to grab the red gem but I am unable to pull up the gem. Magically catalina is able to bring up the gem. We continue to map this dwarven stronghold searching for a known forge deep inside. Tracks lead the way that obviously was taken by Ozzdain’s captors. So we follow. Deeper two levels we travel, forgetting about mapping for a while. Members of the group sense that Ozzdain is near. Then finally we come to it. A mighty forge dug deep into this mountain stronghold. Workers can be seen below but none can be made out clearly. So again nembers disquise themselves and plan to walk right in as if they belong. How many times would this tactic work against these drow here in their own stronghold. But it did. And Ozzdain was identified. Catalina, oh Catalina… I give you the glory for planning a genius attack in the stairwell. Though Ozzdain has been rescued he is still far from being safe. And without his staff he is useless. We must retrieve it before we leave this place. We must rest. We retreat to the jail for the night.



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