Chronicles of Esteparon

Journals of Rend- Damn the Nog, To form we must return

After escaping the forgotten home, and surviving Rgulbux’s attack we make camp. Much talks about the findings inside were discussed. What do we do. I take up a comfy spot and listen to Catalina as she explains important facts about our mission. Im paying little attention, just listening for important points and weighing in. Catalina reveals a secret. Instead of explaining it, she transforms. I panic and charge her. Im sure she is an infiltraitor. Zahra jumps in front of me before i tear into this stranger. I honor her request to fall back and let it play out. I grunt angrily and sit back down. I already have my issues with Catalina, after she expressed she would throw me under the wagon to save herself. The abilities Catalina aquires from this change are uncanny. Catalina begins to scry on Zun. I turn to other talks where Usil reveals the sword of Rgulbux. It is a strange curved blade. Everyone is afraid to find out what it does, so they refuse to weild it. So i take it into my hands. It feels as if it’s looking at me strangely. This is normal to me, everyone looks at me strangely. It does or says nothing so I attempt to sheath it. Just as i am about to do so Beomar snatches it from me. “Give me that you fool!” Beomar starts speaking to the sword. I am really laughing now, and he called me a fool. But then the sword speaks back. I am in amazement. It seemed like such a useless thing to me. Apparently not. Beomar asks it about an Artifact, and a Necropolis. I have heard of that place. I badly want to exume the body of the man I took the breastplate from. Maybe the magic beings I’m traveling with can speak to him and explain to me some of the abilities this strange breastplate has. Ive read of speak with dead spells, just maybe…In the meantime Catalina continues to scry on Zun, and she is speaking to the dragon. It is very upset that Ozzdain is gone. She refers to it as My Lord. The dragon is worried about the finding of an artifact. We put 1 & 4 together and now know this artifact can kill the dragon. And thats what we all wanna do. The plan is finally worked out. We begin to build rafts that we will use to ride the Caw river to the Black Keep. That will save us a few days travel. At The black keep we obtain more information, mounts and supplies. Our next stop is Avendale before we move to the Necropolis. We want to arrive in cover of darkness. We can see Ozz’s tower rising in the distance. We begin to lightly hear banging sounds like mining tools. It gets louder and louder. Someone is attacking Ozzdains tower. We go stealthy and approach cautiously. Once we arrive at Ozzdains tower 4 drow and 2 trolls are beating at the door trying to get in. We move silently at first but suddenly Beomar charges on his horse. Unholy blite is cast against him and an area is affected. Luckily I was not inside the area. Anyone inside this area are sickened. I know the feeling, it is not fun. The greasy dark mass is affecting Scales and Beomar. The battle rages on. Zun summons another demon. A terrible frog-like beast. It latches itself to Usil. I begin to attack it. But it won’t shake loose. The battle rages on in multiple positions on the battlefield. Zun orders two of the drow and a troll to charge. Catalina casts haunting mist to aid in the battle. Battle is raging heavily, Usil and Beomar are showing signs that they might not survive this battle. Everyone is concerned. Were we finally outmatched? Then there was one we didnt expect. Ozzdain’s apprentice is in the tower. Hanging out the window using magic missle. Ozz orders Dresdin to throw him his staff. He misfires and it lands on the steps of the tower near Zun and another drow. It cannot be seen for Catalina’s haunting mist spell is obscuring it. So Ozz climbs the wall to retrieve his staff. All of us have been eager to see Ozz in action. We all are anticipating his return to form. For if he does not get his staff it is certain death for someone. He kneels below the mist for his staff..



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