Chronicles of Esteparon

surprised by a kobald

We venture further into the necropolis, and come to a room with a magical box sitting in the center. Flowing colors are coming from the box. There are six statues on the wslls surrounding us. They are creepy looking. We find that Catalina’s amulet is the secret to opening this box. When opening the box, instead of an artifact we find that we have been fooled…So this statue is a suit of armor, as soon as we open the box, the spirits of the royal family are released. Not good, the dragons trap worked. We have been dooped. Each prince is represented by an animal. Like the ones praying to the dragon in the forgotten home.the animals from the box order the suit of armor to kill us, now identified by Usil as a Grave Knight. As it approaches i say "yes, make your attempt, lets “battle”. Catalina feeling like a failure grabs the box and begins to flee the room. After it hacks at me doing great damage I decide to do the same and run down the tunnel. Scales, Zahra, Usil and Beomar stand true. Catalina returns knowing she must not flee and casts Bad monkeys, the Grave Knight is engulfed by furious monkeys. They snatch the Grave Knights battle axe, now he is vulnerable. This is a very powerful enemy, but the group manages to get him in a flanked position. He tries calling other undead but they meet an angry troll in the tunnel. I decimate one of them with one attack, and the other quickly retreats through a multidimentional door. The grave knight is killed, but he has regenerative powers, even though he is in many pieces, his parts are slowly beginning to come back together. We have little time before he is full again. Baomar and I move the pillar the box was sitting on. Inside we find the sarcofogus of the dragon king. Some evil items are in there including some jewelry, some armor, a sword and this glorious crown. The group is against me grabbing this evil crown but i cant resist. Just as i clasp it in my hands i hear. “Get back jojo” I go flying, it was Scales, abviously stopping me from making a mistake. I am very impressed by his power, and now look at the Kobald in a whole new light. I charge out angrily and we all begin to leave the necropolis. After camp we plan, and decide to go see Reznik to figure out how to recapture these spirits we released. He says it will take time and planning. No easy task to gather the men and components it took to seal this chamber. Since arriving i see a abjuration magic class going on. I sit down. The group talks more politics. And we plan for our next move.



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