Catalina's amulet

a gem key turned into an amulet


Catalina’s amulet is a large pale silver stone surrounded by a runed placesetting holding twelve smaller gems, each one different. We have learned that these amulets are “gem keys” built by the ancient dwarves to close doors and portals. Zhara had such a key she could use to access the Shadow Plane until it was taken. Typically, such gem keys only have a few gems placed around the central stone. One like Catalina has must be a powerful key indeed.

The gems on Catalina’s amulet have been filigreed to looks like eyes. Close inspection would reveal that one of the eyes is closed and the other 11 are open.

Catalina has not yet revealed where the amulet came from or what it means to her.

Catalina's amulet

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