Chronicles of Esteparon


My dreams have been dark of late. I wait for my eyes to open, but all that I feel around me is cold. Is this death? I wonder. I ponder to myself, this cannot be death, for I have not been killed. Could this be Hell? Hmm, now that cannot be, for some men I am the personification of such.
What could this be then? My story must continue, this cannot be, this darkness is saddening. I hope the book opens, and the story shines ever the brighter. I must wake, but I cannot. Mmmmm, Nachos.

surprised by a kobald

We venture further into the necropolis, and come to a room with a magical box sitting in the center. Flowing colors are coming from the box. There are six statues on the wslls surrounding us. They are creepy looking. We find that Catalina’s amulet is the secret to opening this box. When opening the box, instead of an artifact we find that we have been fooled…So this statue is a suit of armor, as soon as we open the box, the spirits of the royal family are released. Not good, the dragons trap worked. We have been dooped. Each prince is represented by an animal. Like the ones praying to the dragon in the forgotten home.the animals from the box order the suit of armor to kill us, now identified by Usil as a Grave Knight. As it approaches i say "yes, make your attempt, lets “battle”. Catalina feeling like a failure grabs the box and begins to flee the room. After it hacks at me doing great damage I decide to do the same and run down the tunnel. Scales, Zahra, Usil and Beomar stand true. Catalina returns knowing she must not flee and casts Bad monkeys, the Grave Knight is engulfed by furious monkeys. They snatch the Grave Knights battle axe, now he is vulnerable. This is a very powerful enemy, but the group manages to get him in a flanked position. He tries calling other undead but they meet an angry troll in the tunnel. I decimate one of them with one attack, and the other quickly retreats through a multidimentional door. The grave knight is killed, but he has regenerative powers, even though he is in many pieces, his parts are slowly beginning to come back together. We have little time before he is full again. Baomar and I move the pillar the box was sitting on. Inside we find the sarcofogus of the dragon king. Some evil items are in there including some jewelry, some armor, a sword and this glorious crown. The group is against me grabbing this evil crown but i cant resist. Just as i clasp it in my hands i hear. “Get back jojo” I go flying, it was Scales, abviously stopping me from making a mistake. I am very impressed by his power, and now look at the Kobald in a whole new light. I charge out angrily and we all begin to leave the necropolis. After camp we plan, and decide to go see Reznik to figure out how to recapture these spirits we released. He says it will take time and planning. No easy task to gather the men and components it took to seal this chamber. Since arriving i see a abjuration magic class going on. I sit down. The group talks more politics. And we plan for our next move.

Journals of Rend - For all the marbles

The battle rages on, Ozzdain rises from the mist with his staff. He begins using magic missle on the demon frog. My claws cannot do much damage to this demon so I move to where Balemar and Zahra are entwined in battle with multiple drow. Ozz finishes the demon. Meanwhile, Catalina has disquised herself as Zun and has taken a position on the steps of the tower acting as Zun. She tells the drow standing with her to attack the real Zun, convincing him she is trying to escape, accusing her of being the shapeshifter. He has no reason to disbelieve Catalina so he begins to fire. Zun barely makes it to the edge of the forest and escapes with her life. Meanwhile, as i approach Balemar and Zahra a troll sees me and charges towards me. I give him a swipe with my claws vorpaling his head off. The trolls head goes flying and hits Zahra causing damage to her. Then i step forward to another drow that was weakened by Balemar and Zahra and finish him off. After we clear the field of enemies the drow withdrawl their attack on Avendale leaving it destroyed and burning. We enter Ozz’s tower. He informs us that he must stay and make a new spellbook. When its finished he will catch up to us with his apprentice. Avenius informs us the town is badly destroyed and Bruti has been killed. We sleep for the night before moving to the necropolis. When we arrive there is no tower here, oddly most cities have hazard towers. But this one does not. Scales begins to get a sick feeling in his gut. Fear i assume. We move into the ancient city. Inside earth elementals are patrolling the halls. We enter a room where many statues of earth elementals line the walls. We tredge deeper into the necropolis. Suddenly scales sees what appears to be a iron golem charging in the distance. He climbs between my legs and hides behind the group. Quickly we concuct an idea, behind us 50’ or so we saw a pool of water. We would lure the golem to the water, if he fell in he would just sink. The first part worked pretty well. Zahra had lined the floor with marbles to assist the golem in falling forward into the water. Suddenly the marbles started rolling down with the slope of the room. The golem just misses Balemar just in front of the pool and strikes the wall causing stone dust to fill his eyes. Temporarily blinding him. That’s when i charge him to knock him into the water. My strength alone is not enough to push the mighty golem. So Balemar and Usil assist. Their combined strength knocks the golem in. But he grabs my arm and i fall in with him. We sink fast, but i am able to break free after a few tugs. I grab Balemars rope and am pulled out by the group. We continue on…

Journals of Rend- Damn the Nog, To form we must return

After escaping the forgotten home, and surviving Rgulbux’s attack we make camp. Much talks about the findings inside were discussed. What do we do. I take up a comfy spot and listen to Catalina as she explains important facts about our mission. Im paying little attention, just listening for important points and weighing in. Catalina reveals a secret. Instead of explaining it, she transforms. I panic and charge her. Im sure she is an infiltraitor. Zahra jumps in front of me before i tear into this stranger. I honor her request to fall back and let it play out. I grunt angrily and sit back down. I already have my issues with Catalina, after she expressed she would throw me under the wagon to save herself. The abilities Catalina aquires from this change are uncanny. Catalina begins to scry on Zun. I turn to other talks where Usil reveals the sword of Rgulbux. It is a strange curved blade. Everyone is afraid to find out what it does, so they refuse to weild it. So i take it into my hands. It feels as if it’s looking at me strangely. This is normal to me, everyone looks at me strangely. It does or says nothing so I attempt to sheath it. Just as i am about to do so Beomar snatches it from me. “Give me that you fool!” Beomar starts speaking to the sword. I am really laughing now, and he called me a fool. But then the sword speaks back. I am in amazement. It seemed like such a useless thing to me. Apparently not. Beomar asks it about an Artifact, and a Necropolis. I have heard of that place. I badly want to exume the body of the man I took the breastplate from. Maybe the magic beings I’m traveling with can speak to him and explain to me some of the abilities this strange breastplate has. Ive read of speak with dead spells, just maybe…In the meantime Catalina continues to scry on Zun, and she is speaking to the dragon. It is very upset that Ozzdain is gone. She refers to it as My Lord. The dragon is worried about the finding of an artifact. We put 1 & 4 together and now know this artifact can kill the dragon. And thats what we all wanna do. The plan is finally worked out. We begin to build rafts that we will use to ride the Caw river to the Black Keep. That will save us a few days travel. At The black keep we obtain more information, mounts and supplies. Our next stop is Avendale before we move to the Necropolis. We want to arrive in cover of darkness. We can see Ozz’s tower rising in the distance. We begin to lightly hear banging sounds like mining tools. It gets louder and louder. Someone is attacking Ozzdains tower. We go stealthy and approach cautiously. Once we arrive at Ozzdains tower 4 drow and 2 trolls are beating at the door trying to get in. We move silently at first but suddenly Beomar charges on his horse. Unholy blite is cast against him and an area is affected. Luckily I was not inside the area. Anyone inside this area are sickened. I know the feeling, it is not fun. The greasy dark mass is affecting Scales and Beomar. The battle rages on. Zun summons another demon. A terrible frog-like beast. It latches itself to Usil. I begin to attack it. But it won’t shake loose. The battle rages on in multiple positions on the battlefield. Zun orders two of the drow and a troll to charge. Catalina casts haunting mist to aid in the battle. Battle is raging heavily, Usil and Beomar are showing signs that they might not survive this battle. Everyone is concerned. Were we finally outmatched? Then there was one we didnt expect. Ozzdain’s apprentice is in the tower. Hanging out the window using magic missle. Ozz orders Dresdin to throw him his staff. He misfires and it lands on the steps of the tower near Zun and another drow. It cannot be seen for Catalina’s haunting mist spell is obscuring it. So Ozz climbs the wall to retrieve his staff. All of us have been eager to see Ozz in action. We all are anticipating his return to form. For if he does not get his staff it is certain death for someone. He kneels below the mist for his staff..


Wishing everyone in Esteperon a Very Merry Christmas

Journals of Rend- Finally some fresh air
Towards the forgotten home exit.

We are in pursuit of Rgulbux and the lady drow. Ozzdain’s staff is needed but he can do without it. We move up the stairs, after a couple of corners there is a set of double doors. Chanting can be heard coming from the other side. We have split up into two teams, A&BTeam A leads, B following 30’ behind. Scales leads A, and I lead B. A team finds a staircase leading up. Near the staircase more chanting can be heard. Further ahead another set of stairs goes down. We decide after mapping the area to go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is another great archway, beyond that a great hall. We are on a balcony that extents around the room, 20’ high down in the large room many different humanoid creatures can be seen. Crows, rats, monkeys, fox, cats. They are all chanting, worshipping something. Two drow enter the room from the right and approach the end of the room where a great black dragon awaits. He appears adolescent, he speaks with the two drow approaching. “Did you find him” it asks. We come back down the stairs, we decide to go down further. We find another tunnel that crosses underneath the large room. Which takes us to the other side of the room. Each side seems to be identically built. Now we must decide, do we fight, which was my choice, or do we sneak out?
We decide to try and sneak out, but there is always a catch. Catalina creates another false wall and we are hidden from view of the dragon. We move towards the exit. Catalina thinks there is something in here with us. Nothing reveals itself we slowly move forward. We make it outside and Catalina secretly sends a message to the others still inside. Baelmar and Ozzdain move outside then the door slams shut. Something is outside. Catalina unlocks the door and i burst through to see what’s going on. I see ozzdain on the ground prone and a half orc standing in the corner, It’s Rgulbux!! I attempt to attack him but trip on the threshold. Seriously hindering my next attack. The characters begin to surround him, meanwhile two trolls come out of the alcoves and knock dundrin down. Hopefully the dragon don’t hear us. I run to assist Ozzdain, getting him away from the danger is priority at this point. Others still continue to attack Rgulbux. Catalina convinces the trolls that more dangerous enemies are coming from behind. The stupid trolls fall for it. I pull the crossbow bolt from Ozzdain’s back and splash my watersheath on him attempting to wake him. The others continue to attack Rgulbux. Usil and Evadon move towards the exit we are fighting at, the two trolls are waiting on either side. Usil and Evadon pretend Usil is injured and Evadon carries him out disquised as a drow. They pass the trolls. After they exit I approach the trolls to congratulate them on their good duties then find my way out the door.

Rend is not happy with the leaving of the dragon. He would have loved to battle him. But the party chose the latter. Gorum is dissapointed in me I’m sure.

Side note: Catalina is not to be trusted, she is willing to sacrifice me to benefit the party. “No Catalina, you will not determine my destiny, it is mine to decide. None has fury like a troll scourned. Remember the only person allowed to instruct me is the alchemist. And i don’t believe anyone will be instructing her either.”

I say we move to the Alchemist wagon, then return Ozzdain to his home. Hit the town to resupply. Then head towards the headwaters or the keep.

Journals of Rend- A final quote

Dear Mr. Rgulbux, I’m going to eat your liver during our “battle” !!!

Journals of Rend- Mapping the Forgotten home

We traveled for many more miles.We have reached the forgotten home. A great archway meets us, constructed many years ago. We decide to formulate a plan. Zahra and Catalina dusquise themselves as drow and pretend to have me and the dwarf as prisoners. Then we will approach the door. The plan works, we are able to enter and find a strange circle etched into the metal floor. Catalina casts a detect magic spell and the circle begins to glow. Zahra can see the words on the circle are dwarven. She roughly brings up the dwarf and asks him “what is this” We find a hole in the wall near the archway. With a dagger in her mouth Zahra climbs through. This is turning into another mistake I’m afraid. Suddenly scales says the words that activate the circle like a schoolboy figuring out a difficult problem in school. “Fire” and bursts of flames engulfs the party, some are able to duck out of the way, i unfortunately do not and am on fire. Luckily Usul douses me with a waterskin and puts me out.Something large begins to scurry around us. Its a drider attempting to trap us in his web. Burning hands keeps Balemar from danger. After many missing with arrows i pull out my grappling hook and throw it at the drider pulling the drider down from the wall. Then a burst of electricity knocks me down. I am hurt and fall unconsious. I awaken after being out of it for a minute. I rush over in behind beomar. Catalina is covering the windows above the archway with her crossbow. Beomar attacks the drider giving it a wound. I burst over and destroy it with my claws and rend it. I search the drider and find a composite crossbow which i gift to Beomar, and a masterwork mace which i strap to my back. Everyone begins to enter the stronghold through the archway. Zahra sees a shadowy figure and backs off. Two drow then approach from the eastern hallway and attack. I peek my head through the bashed hole and try to get their attention, they dont take the bait. I can hear clanging and bashing inside the room, the others are entwined into combat with the two drow. After taking them out the group coaxes me to move up toward the next room where this strange winged beast is. I carry a drow body up and throw it towards the beast as if im feeding it the drow body. Instead it charges me and shrieks something in demonic i didn’t understand. Scales runs out in front of me to stop the charge. Dundrin comes charging as well. Catalina holds and Beomar moves up into position. I am then able to move out of the way from a direct charge. Instead a large burst of flames comes out of his mouth engulfing us. In the middle of battle i am mezmerized by a stone sitting in a pool of liquid. When i touched the fluid to test it i found out it burns so i stay away from it. The creature begins to realize that he is outnumbered and attempts to flee. But dundrin can move right with him. There is no escape. He buckles to his knees and dies. I go arm deep into the waterhole to grab the red gem but I am unable to pull up the gem. Magically catalina is able to bring up the gem. We continue to map this dwarven stronghold searching for a known forge deep inside. Tracks lead the way that obviously was taken by Ozzdain’s captors. So we follow. Deeper two levels we travel, forgetting about mapping for a while. Members of the group sense that Ozzdain is near. Then finally we come to it. A mighty forge dug deep into this mountain stronghold. Workers can be seen below but none can be made out clearly. So again nembers disquise themselves and plan to walk right in as if they belong. How many times would this tactic work against these drow here in their own stronghold. But it did. And Ozzdain was identified. Catalina, oh Catalina… I give you the glory for planning a genius attack in the stairwell. Though Ozzdain has been rescued he is still far from being safe. And without his staff he is useless. We must retrieve it before we leave this place. We must rest. We retreat to the jail for the night.

Journals of Rend - Forgotten Home

Forgotten home part 1

It has been sometime since i have been able to write in my journal. The darkness in this place make it impossible to put ink to paper. It has been more uncomfortable than i had first imagined tredging through these forgotten mines. What is it were in search of I’m not sure. I follow the group faithfully. I hope something to eat comes soon, I’m afraid starvation might slow my mind. But here i am trying to sleep in this uncomfortable cell, I will tell you of how our story is unfolding. Hopefully sleep will come if i pour my words onto the paper, out of my mind. I believe the last time i made an entry we were still traveling through the highway towards the forgotten home.

Simple entry…

Thank you Catalina for quickly throwing together an excellent plan.

Thank you Baelmar for blinding that b****, and coverin my butt.

Thank you Scales for leading us through the forgotten home. And for staying quiet.

Thank you Zahra for helping me tap into my noble side.

Thank you Evadon for seeing use in the useless.

Thank you Usil for being a parking lot attendant for the Ozzdain bus…lol

Short note…
We have rescued Ozzdain. I don’t have much time to go into details cause we gotta go get his staff and kill that Drow lady and her demon. And Rgulbux, back down cause I’m comin for ya…#timetofeed


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