Female Kitsune Bard, 17 years old.


17 years ago, a band of Kitsune gypsies appeared out of the dark woods at the city of Avendale. They came for a once a decade moon festival. Catalina was born in Avendale to a gypsy mother and a human father. The Kitsune do not half-breed like some races. Their children are either full Kitsune or full human. Catalina showed no signs, in her early years of being anything more than a pure human. As a result, when she was 10 at the coming of the next moon festival, the Kitsune disappeared back into the forest leaving Catalina with her human father. A few years later, Catalina hit puberty and her Kitsune heritage kicked in.

Catalina has returned of Avendale to try and find the trail of the gypsies, now seven years gone, in order to find out more about her true people. To try and find her place in the world. She has come to find her “uncle Ozz”, the wizard Ozzdain, whom she believes can help her.

There is more to this story, but that is yet to be told.

Catalina spends most of her time in human form and has not yet revealed her Kitsune heritage to the party. Unlike a normal Kisune, Catalina’s fox form has midnight blue fur and dark eyes. She has heard the term “Shadow Foxes” used to refer to Kitsune like her. In her human form, Catalina has the same raven-black hair and dark smoldering eyes.


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